Configuring TeamCity To Connect To Visual Studio

After installing TeamCity to enable Continuous Integration (CI) you will first need to setup a connection to Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Once completed log into team City using the Administrator account. If this is the first time you have logged in and you have no active projects you will be presented with the screen below.


Select ‘Create Project’ to add a new CI project. Fill in the relevant fields and add a description detailing what the project is.


In order to start building the project you will need to add a build configuration. Once you are familiar with the options available you may also wish to consider creating a template to save setup time when configuring additional projects. For now click ‘Create build configuration’ and add a suitable name and description.

To Connect to TFS you will need to create a new VCS root. Prior to doing this it is advisable to grant the team city service account access to the TFS server, unless for special reasons you wish to use another account for this purpose.

Fill the boxes in as per the below:


Clicking ‘Test Connection’ will check that the settings entered are working correctly. Once you have set this up correctly you should receive the following message:


See the next blog post for how to automate the building and deployment of database projects.

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