Azure Analytics and Power BI Increase Business Impact


Back in April 2019, I blogged about the GigaOM TPC-DS Benchmark Results that placed Azure Data Warehouse as the industry leader for price/performance.

Since then, Adatis has seen a significant uptake of Azure Data Lake and Azure Data Warehouse initiatives. These technologies provide the fundamental building blocks required to transform organisations, when instilling a fully data-driven decision-making culture.

This technology uptake, an enabler to digital transformation, is for good reason. A recent Harvard Business Review survey identified that 87% of organisations believe that analytics proficiency will differentiate them competitively from their industry peers. Organisations with greater analytical maturity, those who rely on data for driving and leading their business, are 4x more likely to benefit from improvements in customer satisfaction and revenue performance.

Furthermore, a recent Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study published by Forrester, claims that Azure Analytics technologies and Power BI achieve a 270% return on investment for customers and increase customer satisfaction by 60%.

Gartner also agree that Microsoft is a leader in the Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms space.

Gartner Magic Quadrant Feb 2019 for Analytics

Modern Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are now mainstream. The demands of modern business and the downward pressure of pricing, aided by the transition from perpetual licensing to subscription and pay as you go licensing, have opened analytics to everyone in every organisation.

There’s also a renewed focus on the management of data generally with privacy regulations continuing to increase globally as one key reason. This forces organisations to assess how they operate, how they manage their data, and how they should and could use their data, opening opportunity and realising potential from embedded insights everywhere, through to explainable AI and augmented analytics.

Irrespective of the maturity of your organisation’s data journey, Adatis provides services across the full spectrum of data analytics; consulting and advisory, technical implementation and Dev and Data Operations. One such service, using our Data and Solution Envisioning methodology, focuses on teasing out business opportunities by leveraging your data potential. This can help formulate business strategy, support achievement of your business objectives and accelerate your trajectory.