10 ways data analytics managed services can cut your risk and save you money

For businesses that don’t have the resource to support their data platforms – or would rather outsource the work – our managed service offering is the ideal way to bring risk and costs down at the same time.

Managing a data platform can be a major headache, especially if it’s new. Whether you’re using a third-party solution or developing in-house, managing your platform long-term can introduce a whole host of potentially expensive risks to your business – if you’re not careful, that is.
We’ve seen this time and time again, so we’ve developed our managed service offering to ensure it covers all the key concerns you may have about operating your data analytics platform.

To put your mind at ease, here are 10 ways our managed services can help you reduce your business risk without racking up your costs.

1.   Proactive consumption control
With consumption-based public cloud models, you can find yourself spending more than you want to – especially if you’re not keeping a careful eye on your usage.
As part of our managed service, we offer proactive consumption monitoring to help you understand which services are the most bandwidth-hungry, so you can use your systems in the most cost-conscious ways.

2.   Fast response times
If you support everything in house, and something breaks, do you have to pull your people off key tasks to fix it? Without dedicated support resource, you’re risking downtime and delays.
We can help you avoid business disruption by handling any issues for you quickly – and our proactive service monitoring means we can even catch and fix problems before you’ve noticed them.

3.   Secure set up
Moving data into the public cloud can be nerve-wracking – and if you’re making the transition for the first time, it can be difficult to be sure you’re doing everything in the most secure way.
Our Azure Fundamentals service is designed to help you get set up in Microsoft Azure in a way that’s not only completely secure, but also the most effective. You can rest assured that your data is safe, and your system is working in the smartest way.

4.   Continuous improvement
Cloud and data analytics technology moves fast – and if you’re not ready to adapt the way you’re working with them, you can get left behind. That means you likely won’t use your analytics platform to its full potential, and you might find yourself spending a big chunk of capital to make sweeping changes.
Our managed service takes that pressure off, as we’re constantly tuning and refining your platform to ensure you’re getting the best from your tech – and we conduct frequent roadmap reviews to ensure you’re on the right path for your organisation.

5.   Migration support
As platforms like Microsoft SQL Server 2008 hurtle towards end of support, organisations that rely on them are putting their data at risk. With no more critical updates, security can’t be guaranteed, and maintaining them is just going to get more and more resource-heavy.
Our proven workload migration methodology offers a fully managed transition to Microsoft Azure, guaranteeing business continuity and data security as we get your systems up to date.

6.   Guaranteed knowledge
When a small team – or even a single person – owns a system, you’re putting a lot of pressure on a single point of failure.
What happens to your infrastructure if that person’s off sick, or leaves the team? There’s a risk of key knowledge being forgotten in the shuffle – and then if something goes wrong, no one knows how to fix it. With us managing your services, you can be confident there will be continuity of knowledge and service.

7.   Full lifecycle support from data experts
It’s no secret that our people are experts in this field. Managed services can give you reliable, quick access to people that have deep, specialised understanding about the systems and technology you’re using.
What’s more, if you choose to work with Adatis for full-service delivery, we’ll start the transition in small increments, making sure we’re covering all aspects, so nothing is missed. For any unexpected challenges, the delivery team will be on hand for operational support.

8.   Flexible, scalable capacity
As your system moves into a state of business-as-usual, getting the right level of capacity can be difficult for ongoing improvements and developments. You can spend too much and have people sitting idle, or you can end up understaffed and risk not being able to respond to the changing needs of the business.
Our managed service makes it easy to scale your capacity up and down as your business needs change. If you’re up against it, we’ve got the people power to make a real difference, but you’re not tied to a full team when you don’t need it.

9.   Cost-effective out-of-hours support
Covering salaries for out-of-hours support can add an eye-watering amount to operational costs, but with many systems refreshing and running analytics overnight, it’s necessary to have that resource available in case something breaks.
Our managed service means you can take advantage of out-of-hours support without adding extra headcount. Our scale means it’s a cost-effective way to ensure your data and analytics are ready and waiting for you first thing in the morning, so you’re not dealing with delays.

10. Low cost of entry
Compared to the cost and risk of running a cloud analytics platform in-house, managed services is a worthwhile investment – and we make it even more compelling by offering a low cost of entry.
With our Essential Service, you get access to our experts and deep industry knowledge for a low monthly outlay, and we even offer multi-year discounts for three to five-year agreements.

Let’s talk about your managed service
If you’d like to learn more about how Adatis managed services can help you cut your costs and reduce key risks, we’d love to chat. Talk to one of our friendly experts today by dropping an email at enquiries@adatis.co.uk.

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