SQL Server 2008 Intellisense

One of the under mentioned, but long awaited feature of SQL Server 2008 is intellisense.  Up to now it has always been add on available from companies like RedGate, called SQL Prompt, or SQL Assist.  To get it working is SQL 2008; you pretty much have to do nothing, however sometimes it doesn’t come up without pressing Ctrl + Space.  So it works well with T-SQL, however does it work with MDX?  In short – not really, when writing an MDX query in SSMS, you do get some intellisense prompts, however none of which are representations of the data within the cube.  However you do get keyword prompts, which could be useful.  So next stop, full intellisense for MDX queries – hopefully.

For those of you who haven’t yet used SQL 2008, here are some screen shot of intellisense in action.

 Screen shot of SQL Server 2008 intellisense in action  Screen shot of SQL Server 2008 intellisense in action

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