PerformancePoint Dimension Schema Error 225000210

I’m a big fan of schemas in SQL 2005, and like to use them for both organisation and security. However, I’ve found that PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeller doesn’t appear to like schemas as much as I do….

It seems that if you try to build a dimension from a table that is not in the dbo schema, then Planning Business Modeller will throw the following error 225000210 :

Planning Business Modeller error 225000210

This will happen whether you’ve built your data source using the ‘Database’ or ‘Data Source View’ options in the create data source window. The same error will also appear if you try to populate a dimension using the ‘Load Members’ task in the Workspace Actions pane. In addition, the problem doesn’t appear to be fixed by applying the recent PerformancePoint Cumulative Update, as detailed by Tim Kent here.

An obvious workaround is to create views in the dbo schema, or perhaps creating synonyms, but this could really be a hassle if you have a lot of tables/views affected. In the interest of getting this resolved, and to understand if a better workaround exists, I’ve posted this issue on the MS Connect site.

The issue can be found on Connect at:

I’ll provide an update as this issue progresses.