New Microsoft Insider PPS Planning Blog

A great new PPS-P focused blog has been up and running for a good few weeks now.  Peter Eb., a developer on the PPS Excel add-in has started blogging some real gold with a mixture of definitions, ‘howtos’ and workarounds.  He’s one of the resident experts on the Planning TechNet Forum and really knows his stuff !

Just as a taster, here are the headings of his last few posts:

What does this PPS Planning workflow action mean?

HOWTO: Select a time range that is dynamic (updates over time for a rolling forecast)

HOWTO: Hide filters for dimensions that confuse users

What does this status “xyz” mean for my assignments?

What does the error “filter selection for dimension XYZ is not in the filter scope”?

It’s what Technical Blogging should be all about, brilliant!