Google charts in PPSM

Don’t tell MSFT I said this but this is really quite cool:

The Google charts API allows you to create charts as a web page by simply setting the querystring:×200&chd=t:50,10,20,20&cht=p3&chl=Bully|Jezza|Sach|Tim&chtt=Who+ate+all+the+pies

If you use it in conjunction with a simple web page that is picking up the parameters from a PPSM filter (like Nick B has created here) you’ve got some instant functionality – e.g. display the country/state you’ve filtered on. Here, I’ve taken Nick’s example and built the response.redirect statement to include the country code from a tabular data source based on the parameter selected:


Taking it a step further you could create a custom report type using the SDK for PPSM that connects to one of the built in data sources and prepares a querystring.

The main drawback is of course that you need an Internet connection to display the charts. Another drawback is that there is a limit to length of a querystring so thousands of data points is not possible (nor should it be allowed in charts!!) but other than that this a definitely a short-term solution to some of the <whispers!> shortcomings of the built-in PPSM V1 chart.