PerformancePoint Version Numbers

Adatis team looking at computer screen

PerformancePoint Version Numbers – Yeah yeah I know; – there’s only one version released so far but for those of you who have been working with the CTP releases it is possible to have got a version of one of the products out of sync at some point (cough! aherm!)

Release Version Number
CTP 3 3.0.3301.00
CTP 4 3.0.3451.00
MSDN 3.0.3520.00
Eval Edition 3.0.3520.00
Cumulative Update 1 3.0.3711.00
Service Pack 1 (Planning) 3.0.3917.00
Service Pack 1 (Monitoring) 3.0.4107.00
Service Pack 2 (P & M) 3.0.4209.00

Note that both the Eval edition and version you can download from MSDN have the same version numbers although the one on MSDN isn’t badged as Eval.

I’ll keep this post updated as and when new version get released