PerformancePoint CTP4 out

From Ben Tamblyn – The CTP4 for PerformancePoint is now on the connect site.  Couple of things to note from the read-mes and doco:

  • This is just the 32-bit release – 64-bit will be out next week due to a performance issue being resolved.
  • If you’re still on CTP1 or CTP2 you’ll need to uninstall before you install CTP4.  You can upgrade from CTP3 but make sure backup anything important

Lots of new functionality in both Planning and Monitoring.  Some key ones:

  • Sorting in Analytic Charts and Grids
  • Formatting on charts and grids
  • Lots of new chart types
  • Export dashboards to Powerpoint (Not sure if this will be live data like you can do in Proclarity)
  • PAS integration
  • Planning server performance improvements
  • migration between environments

This is the last CTP release before product launch next month.  The US launch looks like it will be a big do, with lots of super-excitement! So what’s in store for us?