Microsoft BI Conference – Day 3 – 8th October 2008

The last day of the conference came round quickly and due to my relatively early flight I only attended a couple of sessions and spent most of the day meeting more people in and around the BI community.  Shout out to Peter Eberhardy (PeterEb), a real highlight.  Barry Tousley, Test Dev on the PPS Server; thanks for listening to my grumbles about the PPS Data Migration Tool and explaining why it does what it does.  Norm Warren of NormBI fame.  Patrick Husting, who I actually met on Day 2 and Brian Berry of BlumShapiro, who I met on Day 1 and reportedly follows this blog !

I thought the conference was great.  The organisation was slick and right on the button, from registration, meals, session offerings right up to the party.  I think last year, the main criticism was the sessions were not technical enough, they appear to have raised the technical level of some of the sessions but I still found most of them to be a bit dated and apart from a couple of choice sessions most BI people wouldn’t have learnt a great deal – Nothing official at all about PPS v2 :o(  Also, a couple of the sessions I wanted to attend clashed so I’ll have to find the time to watch them on the reported DVD containing a video of every session.  However, I did the feel the standard of presentation was excellent, well practiced, clear, funny and engaging.

I’ll definitely be vying for a place at next years, where they really should have lots to show off!