Meet our recommended Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) – Telefónica Tech

For years Adatis has been able to help customers with their Microsoft licensing requirements, ensuring they were getting the most out of their licences and allowing them to focus on what really matters—running their business. 

With the growth of our organisation and becoming part of the Telefonica Tech group, we now have the opportunity to offer our customers even more knowledge and insights to help them simplify licensing, control costs and maximise value from their investments. We are happy to announce that Telefónica Tech will be our new provider of Microsoft CSP Licensing to support clients moving forward. 

Whether needing to migrate new workloads to the cloud or to improve current cloud experiences with new tools, security options or collaboration capabilities, Telefónica Tech offers a bespoke tailored service to specific business needs. 

What is CSP Licencing? 

CSP, or Cloud Solution Provider, is a method of providing Microsoft cloud services including Microsoft 365, Azure, Enterprise Security and Identity, Windows, Dynamics 365, and more. Telefónica Tech offers fully scalable and supported cloud services from a single workload to a complete managed service.

Telefónica Tech’s team of Microsoft Certified professionals and subject matter experts, under the direction of your dedicated CSP Customer Success Manager, will manage your onboarding process and support you throughout your lifetime as a customer with a proactive and bespoke service to meet your unique requirements.  


Key benefits of Telefónica Tech CSP licensing 

It’s only natural for your company’s software needs to grow as complexity rises. However, occasionally this results in “software sprawl” and inefficiencies, such as cloud services that are left operating when they should be turned off. 

Inefficiencies can be avoided and your investment in Microsoft can be maximised, with the support of a Telefónica Tech Customer Success Manager (CSM). All customers who choose Telefónica Tech as their Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) are provided with a dedicated Customer Success Manager that ensures customers: 

  • Stay in control of costs 
  • Fully utilise licence features 
  • Benefit from competitive pricing 
  • Have the freedom to scale as required 
  • Develop a licensing roadmap for future projects 
  • Have access to adoption and change management services  
  • Have fast, efficient self-service access to licences and services via the online store 

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will collaborate with you to develop a strategic plan that will support your long-term cloud goals as well as your present priorities. Telefónica Tech continuously assesses progress using a structured framework and proactive quarterly company evaluations. 

All the while, finding new strategies to optimise your use of the cloud by using data insights and granular reporting. 


Want to get started?

If you are already an Adatis client, simply reach out to your Account Manager to discuss your options.

Alternatively, book a review of your Microsoft licencing with Telefónica Tech today.

More information about CPI licensing and Telefónica Tech can be found here