BI Evening, TVP, 17th July 2008

I’ll be giving a talk titled ‘PEL Vs MDX’ at the UK SQL Server Community’s BI Evening on the 17th July at Microsoft’s TVP offices in Reading.

The content will be geared towards MS BI developers, and will highlight the differences between the two languages, with the aim that those with MDX experience will be able to make a fast start with PEL.

Also speaking is Jeremy Kirkup from TAH, on ‘Using Excel Services with Analysis Services and MOSS’.

If you are just starting to explore delivering BI solutions with Excel Services and SharePoint then there are some issues that it is wise to be aware of in advance. This session will describe some real world lessons gained while creating BI solutions which expose Analysis Services data through the Excel Web Access web part.

The Excel 2007 client has first class support for the some of the advanced features of Analysis services such as drill-through.  However, when exposing pivot tables to a browser through the Excel Web Access web part this feature is not available. The session will discuss a couple of approaches to implementing drill-through functionality for EWA based pivot tables using the MOSS SmartPart, AJAX and the Excel Web Services.

You can register for the event here.