Adatis Autumn Away Day 2019

Three weeks ago here at Adatis we were all out of office for our Autumn away day!

Our away days are important to us – it’s a time to share expertise and knowledge, understand more about the direction of the company and what’s coming up, bring in external speakers to learn and, most importantly, all catch up and have some fun together!

So far this year we have done the nuts challenge obstacle course and, during our summer trip away, white water rafting in Bulgaria.







This time we headed to the Museum of London for a slightly tamer activity (in an effort to keep bruises to a minimum!) – chocolate making!

After making our way to the museum we kicked off the morning with a talk around diversity and inclusion. At Adatis our people are our priority and we have recently created a diversity and inclusion team to ensure our workplace is a place where everyone feels welcomed, regardless of our differences.


Following this, in the lead up to World Mental Health day, we were given a valuable talk by David Beanie who shared his own inspiring story around mental health, the importance of your mental wellbeing and how to create a kinder culture in the workplace; something we are striving to do here at Adatis.


Finally, we finished the day with an afternoon of ‘apprentice style’ chocolate making! Each team were assigned the task to produce chocolate aimed at the children’s market then create a pitch and advert to go along with it.

With their creative juices flowing, the (exceptionally competitive!) Adatis teams set to work and it’s fair to say that we had some interesting creations! We had Dr Choc, containing medicine for misbehaving kids, Save the Narwhal chocolates, with a limited addition paper Narwhal, Choca-roids, to help you beat up the school bullies and aphrodisiac chocolates… we shall say no more.

Chris the Rhino                                                                                                                                               Tris the Narwhal

And the winner was….. team Choco-roids! Congratulations to team Choco-roids- a well-deserved chocolate making winner.

A big shout out to our PIPS (people in charge of parties and stuff) team who organised this fantastic day and thank you to the whole team for another memorable away day and for your consistent hard work at Adatis. Onto the next one!