Data analytics is more relevant in today’s business than ever but traditional data warehouse platforms are evolving. The demands placed on analytics platforms are to provide both the traditional, structured, standardised BI and to support new ways of analysing data based on agility, supporting rapid change and semi/unstructured data. To support this new form of advanced analytics, including machine learning, predictive and artificial intelligence, a new flexible, cloud-based platform is required.


One of the market leaders in this space is Microsoft with their Azure cloud service offering. They offer a range of technologies that support these flexible requirements, including a host of storage, data ingestion, analytics and data science technologies.

However, many of these technologies are still emerging and all constantly evolving. It can be a confusing land scape. Even after making the decision to move forward, the required steps, technologies and approach can be puzzlingly and unclear. Which data service do you need.


Adatis’ offering around Roadmap to the Modern Analytics Platform helps to assess where you are and where you want to be. Crucially we will guide you through the steps required to take you there.With our real-world experience of delivering production systems utilising this technology, often involved before general availability, we can help to demystify the technology landscape and design the most appropriate architecture patterns and approach to support both current and future requirements.