Rapid Azure Landing Zone Deployments

It is probably best I start by confirming what we mean by an Azure Landing Zone. As the term can cause some confusion, even within our own team, as for a long time we have talked about [data] landing zones. However, we can use this as a simple analogy; if the data landing zone is about creating a secure, resilient and governed environment into which we can land, or transfer data, then an Azure Landing Zone is about creating a secure, resilient and governed environment into which we can deploy Azure services, which themselves may host a data landing zone.

Whilst I am confirming terminology, a key acronym to be aware of is CAF, the [Microsoft] Cloud Adoption Framework [for Azure]. CAF is a collection of documents, implementation guidance, best practices etc., designed to assist in providing guidance for your journey to the cloud. However, there is a lot to consider and absorb.

At Adatis we have taken our own experiences and aligned those with CAF, by designing and templating Azure Landing Zones which are good fit for most organisations and be easily extended to meet more specific requirements.

With this approach we can jumpstart your journey to the cloud, by deploying your secure, resilient and governed Landing Zone rapidly, in a matter of days. This can relieve some of the pressure on your IT and infrastructure team and enable time-critical initiatives that require the deployment of data, applications and solutions in Azure, without compromise.

Our templates can quickly be extended for data management and analytics by ensuring, from the outset, your data lands in a secure, audited and monitored environment that is discoverable. Furthermore, following our targeted Use Case approach, we can deploy Azure Sentinel to integrate cyber security with your Azure Landing Zone.

As always, our modern Managed Service  is designed for the cloud and can provide all the essential elements required for the operation and management of an Azure environment. From Landing Zones to business applications, we have a Service Plan that can be tailored to your support requirement.

Find out more in our full proposition or email enquiries@adatis.co.uk to see how we could help you.

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