From data preparation and engineering to experimentation and deployment of Machine Learning applications, Databricks provides a consolidated analytics platform to speed up innovation and productivity, enabling a data fluent culture.

Adatis delivered its first Databricks solution back in 2018 and has subsequently delivered hundreds of solutions utilising our accelerated data platform framework, helping our customers utilise the Azure Databricks optimised platform for Apache Spark. During this time, we have built up a team of Databricks trained and certified engineers and Databricks Partner Champions who are experts in their field.

Why Choose Adatis as a Databricks Partner?

The unique Adatis Data & AI Platform Accelerator is fully Databricks ready.

Fast-tracking the build and deployment of an Azure Databricks Lakehouse Platform, delivering simplicity, flexibility and low cost.

There has been some exciting reengineering of the Adatis Data & AI accelerator recently, some of the improvements include further decoupling of the business logic from the orchestration service. But what our engineers are most pleased about is that it is now fully Databricks ready. Accelerating the build and deployment of an Azure Databricks Lakehouse platform.