The Adatis Data & AI Platform Accelerator will fast-track your organisation’s Data & AI deployment across a variety of technical architectures including:

Unlock The Potential Of Your Data

Adatis Data & AI Platform Accelerator Framework


The first iteration of the Azure Accelerator was deployed in 2018, adapted for cloud deployments, modernising the knowledge and experiences from the previous SQL Server based framework, which Adatis had been deploying to accelerate the delivery of clients’ data platform solutions since 2006.

With a dedicated product manager – the current framework iteration, Data & AI Platform Accelerator, is under continuous refinement to ensure that it is adopting the latest cutting-edge approaches, architectures and available services. Combined with the experiences from our many active accelerator deployments, this framework is able to increase speed to value for organisations from all industries.

Data & AI Accelerator Framework

The building blocks of the Adatis Data & AI Platform Accelerator include:

  • Aligns to the Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption and Cloud Scale Analytics frameworks.
  • Built entirely on Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) technologies with no proprietary content subject to any license.
  • Pipelines to deploy data infrastructure as code, applying CI/CD and using Terraform or BICEP templates.
  • Structured metadata-driven ingestion and data processing.
  • A suite of notebook and procedure templates for the common cleansing and transformation activities.
  • Template platform and data security models.
  • Preconfigured data lineage, auditing, monitoring and alerting.
  • Support and refresh models available, delivered by Adatis Managed Services.