Master Data Management

What is master data management?

Master Data Management (MDM) is a further foundation to successful Data Management. Master data is the consistent and uniform set of business identifiers and attributes – whether customers, goods, suppliers, or other business entities – formed from potentially many disparate sources across the enterprise, into a single view.

Delivering consistent master data with a high degree of quality such that it can be reliably trusted to underpin the application of the wider enterprise data, has been a constant challenge for organisations. Not just mastering data at a point in time but mastering for the lifetime of the data, dealing with the ongoing ingestion, profiling, cleaning, enrichment, standardisation, consolidation and distribution of the conformed data. A lack of native Azure tooling (Microsoft only offering Master Data Services as a component of SQL Server) or concerns over on-going licensing costs, has led to “build over buy” being a common approach. However, this approach requires upfront development time, on-going maintenance effort and can result in tooling that may not be intuitive and is poorly adopted. To overcome this challenge, Adatis has partnered with expert MDM tool, CluedIn.

Adatis and CluedIn

Adatis is excited to partner with CluedIn – working together to deliver quality and trusted master data for our customers. CluedIn MDM is an intrinsic extension to the Adatis Data & AI Platform Accelerator with its tight integration with Microsoft Purview, fast tracking the delivery of data management solutions to unlock the value of your data. 

Data & AI Platform Framework Accelerator with CluedIn

Data Governance

A cornerstone to effective Data Management is Data Governance.

  • Embedding data into your organisation, ensuring there is clear ownership and accountability
  • Data is catalogued, so that it can be easily discovered, and its meaning understood empowering a technology and business community to gain insight
  • Appropriate processes are established, to allow and control access and ensure ethics, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

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