Tristan is a Principal Data Analytics Consultant. He initially joined as a consultant back in 2016, and loves the work, the technology and the freedom to set his own ambitions.

“My passion is to help companies make the most of their data – whether that’s through Data Analytics Platforms, Data Visualisation, or Data Engineering solutions. I would usually take on the project/programme lead role, so responsible for the technical solution and architecture of the project, but I also get to work with pre-sales and discovery to help scope out estimates and win work!

“I used to work in a more corporate environment where progression is limited. This is nothing like that. Here you can set your own cadence and ambitions for career development – there’s so much opportunity to create change and develop yourself as a person.

“The other major change for me is the technology I work on. Before Adatis, I had to work on technologies and business areas which weren’t transferable. Because we are much more focused on the Microsoft stack, I’m able to grow my knowledge and become a thought leader in a particular area.

“Most recently I’ve been working on the government’s response to COVID, and building a solution based on data supplied by different companies. The variety of work is great – consulting with different clients each month keeps you fresh and helps you keep learning.”

“Away from work, I love running and cycling, a Fulham supporter!