Scott is celebrating his 10-year anniversary with Adatis this year, and is now the Head of Delivery Excellence. His development has been rapid and he’s found that success is always celebrated, whether with a promotion or a team adventure (rally-car racing anyone?).

“As an undergrad, I was really looking for a small and dynamic company where I could actually make a difference not get lost as just another number. Adatis was just that.

“I may have peaked early with my first project. It was at a major record label where you would often see artists walking around, and I got to have lunch with one of my favourite bands!

“Coming from a less technical background, there was a lot to learn at the start which can feel overwhelming, but Adatis provided the time and materials for me to learn and grow. I’ve since been promoted 13 times in 10 years, so as long as you’re putting in the work you really get a lot out.

“When I’m not working, I’ll be cycling, playing the guitar or getting some gaming in. If I wasn’t in this job, I reckon I’d have been a great esports coach.”