Matt joined the Adatis team in 2016 and is now a Principal Consultant. In this role, he works closely with his team in a supportive environment built on mutual respect where a good idea is a good idea no matter whose it is.

“In my position I take an architectural role, and design and propose solutions to clients to improve their data processing capabilities. Keeping up with the technology can be challenging as it changes so often, so I work hard to keep up-to-date and ensure the advice we are giving that is true today will be right in the future.”

“To perform well in this job I think you need to have the right technical know-how and the ability to communicate these concepts to a range of professionals at different skill levels.”

“When I joined Adatis I had never had the support or development they offer. Initially I found it difficult to adjust my work to best practice and to shake that imposter syndrome, but I have been given the support I need and the opportunities to prove myself and I am very proud of my achievements (which include publishing a book!)”

“I like the family aspect of the Adatis culture. There is an unquestionable and unconditional support network where everyone automatically supports their peers and sees the best in them.”

“One of the reasons why we work so well is that we’re communicative with our ideas. For instance, the junior members of the team don’t expect the most senior person on the project to always have the best idea. We all collaborate, listen, and challenge.”

“If I didn’t go into this line of work, I would have loved to be an astronaut. Of course, this is aspirational, but I love anything to do with space or space design.”