Our Group Accountant Louise started at Adatis 8 years ago as a part time accounts assistant. Since then she has gone from strength to strength, completing her sponsored professional diploma and getting involved in novel experiences on the well-loved Team Days.

“When I joined Adatis I was looking for a company that would fit in with my family and were flexible. I remember being asked if I would be happy to go sky-diving – I’m not jumping out of a plane for anyone!”

My favourite aspect of Adatis life is the Team Days where we all get together to participating in fun events that I would not usually sign up for.

“Each year has been different at Adatis and there is never a dull moment. The growth and development – both personal and as a company – is continual. I love the challenge. Adatis has sponsored my studies and I have completed my professional diploma in Management Accounting.

“To be good in this work you need to be organised and on top of the detail as well as hungry to improve and upskill. And it always helps to have a good team around you!”

Outside of work I enjoy gardening, walking and all types of water sports – I even rowed at Henley one year.