José, a Principal Consultant with Adatis, joined the company almost 5 years ago when he decided it was time for a change. He was certainly successful and has been making waves in the London office ever since.

“When I first joined Adatis there was so much going on it was easy to feel overwhelmed, but the challenge pushed me to be better and having a great company culture made it enjoyable.”

“The most challenging and rewarding project was with a Kenyan client. It was a major project that was tough and taught me a lot, but we pulled it off successfully and people started to recognise me and the value I bring to the company. Having effort rewarded with opportunities and recognition is fantastic.”

“To be good at my job you need to have a lot of patience and not get stressed when under pressure. If you are very thorough and don’t try to rush, then you know you are delivering with quality.”

“Even if I wasn’t a Data Analytics Consultant, I would probably still be in IT. I was influenced by my aunt who had a computer when I was young, so it feels like where I was destined to go.”

“Before the pandemic I was a keen traveller outside of work and enjoyed walking and watching TV to zone out. Now I’ve become a homebody, I relax by doing housework, walking and reading.”