Jonny is a Principal Consultant at Adatis. He joined Adatis over two years ago in pursuit of a working environment as engaged and dedicated to technology as he is. So far Jonny has worked with a wide variety of clients and has found satisfaction in working on projects that benefit the community.

“I joined Adatis because I wanted to work with the very latest technology and Adatis always delivers.”

“I’ve really enjoyed the variety of work that I get to do here as we work with clients from many different industries and sectors. Having said that, I am most proud of a work we did with a client to deliver software that will save tax-payer money and prevent pension fraud.”

“For me the hardest thing about my job is dealing with challenging stakeholders and trying to balance resources and finances on projects. To be good at this job you have to be diplomatic, a good communicator but also tenacious.”

“Outside of work I love to spend time with my family and cooking. The freedom of choosing where to work from was one of the major draws for me and it’s been great.”

“If I wasn’t in this role, I’d be an IT manager. The passion for technology is strong! I tend to scroll through LinkedIn, read blogs and listen to Audible to keep informed on developments.”