Dan is a Principal Consultant with Adatis. He has been a major player over the past 10 years bringing technical skill and positivity to the team. A Formula One fan, this speed demon isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

“I initially joined Adatis on a placement scheme. I had never heard of “Business Intelligence” before and I was normally reluctant to leave my comfort zone – the job involved travel and interacting with clients. I pushed the boat out and went for it anyway and I’m pleased that I did. I loved the whole placement year and I struggled when I returned to university for my final year – I just wanted to come back!”

“There have been so many highlights across my time here. The King’s project was one and the team working with me added to that. Having a good team is such a huge factor in a good project. I also enjoy the socials such as the pool tournaments, football, and gamer nights.”

“My mum doesn’t have the best understanding of what I do, but I have a tech friend who I can talk to about work. Business Intelligence nearly always requires further explanation for most people.”

“If I wasn’t in this role, I like to think I’d be doing something that doesn’t include computers or desks… Something like a racing driver or even a gardener.”

“Outside of work I’m big into cycling, karate and formula one. I of course love family time and spending time with my girlfriend. She is fantastic and someone who I really admire.”