Alex is currently the Head of Service Delivery at Adatis. His passion for coaching goes beyond the football pitch, as he puts his heart and soul into his team and celebrates their achievements.

“Historically I have worked for corporate organisations where I didn’t feel valued. I wanted to join a business that put people first and I could make a difference. Adatis has been everything I had hoped for and a little more!”

“I am most proud of the team and the way we have managed our growth and development so far. The team have come a long way in a very short space of time and I am hugely proud of what we have achieved already.”

“When I talk about work with some of my friends, they get a little envious of my job at Adatis. I find myself discussing my role with friends and people I meet quite often and end up regaling them with stories about the awesome people-focused work we do within the company.”

“If I wasn’t working in this industry, I would have loved to be a professional football coach or a talent scout. I’m a grassroots football coach currently, so I can still get my kicks.”