The Adatis Data Lake Ingestion Service

All too often, we see organisations wrestle with siloed data or struggling to centralise and / or manage their data estate in a manner that enables them to flourish.  Even with Data Warehousing and Data Management initiatives in place, they struggle to be nimble and react to change.

Now, more than ever, organisations recognise that decisions, analytics and information, readily available is critical and they face many challenges.

For many years, Adatis has helped those organisations overcome those, and more challenges and we’ve solved many a problem by basing a solution on our own frameworks and accelerators that we’ve built, enhanced and innovated over many years.

At the turn of this year, Adatis made the decision to make our accelerators more readily available as a set of integrated SaaS based microservices.  Organisations can subscribe to all or individual services that meet a specific need.

To overcome various challenges around data analytics, it often relies on centralised and managed data already being present and accessible.  Analytics-ready data lakes have been the foundation for enterprise wide data analytics for several years but if you don’t yet have a data lake, or your data lake does not contain all the data you require for your analysis, then you’re reliant on often-bottlenecked technical IT teams that can make the data available.

Introducing the Adatis Data Lake Ingestion Service

Our first microservice tackles data ingestion.  This service helps avoid the currently IT-centric approach to ingestion.  It allows anyone you grant access the ability to connect and ingest data into your data lake, removing data silos and the impact on IT.  This enables both IT and/or business units to ingest data from the various data sources in and around the business into a controlled, governed and centralised data lake that you, the customer, own.

With data ingested, organised, secured, refreshed and available, your organisation can respond to questions, demands and proactively innovate to drive change.

Key Features:

  • Ingestion-as-a-service
  • SaaS solution built on PaaS
  • Data remains within your complete ownership and control, never leaving your network
  • Compatible with new or existing data lakes
  • Manage data-lake ingestion through a Web UI
  • Automatic Data Lake Governance
  • GDPR Ready
  • Extensible Connector approach
  • Instant platform for Data Exploration
  • Connects into other Adatis Analytics Services
  • Flexible deployment models
  • Integrates with Azure Synapse
  • Adaptable Service Plans to suit your demand and needs
  • Shared or Dedicated Service options
  • Trial options available

For more information, read our full Adatis Data Ingestion Proposition

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