Planned Performance Improvements for PerformancePoint Server 2007 Planning

There are a few performance improvements planned for SP1 and earlier in an interim hotfix.  The details I have are high-level but enough to get at least a little excited that development is on going and pertinent to ‘in-the-field’ issues.

In an upcoming hot fix (KB946222) expected release prior to SP1 is currently being worked on.

When a system contains a large number of assignments, retrieving the list of available assignments for a user has a significant performance issue.

Optimised stored procedure for retrieving assignments to dramatically cut time to retrieve list of available assignments.

Performance issues targeted for SP1 include:

  • Slow performance when re-opening assignment after save/submit.
  • No option to disable what-if calculation on assignment or matrix level which leads to unnecessary what-if queries that slow form performance
  • Successfully submitted change-lists are not automatically from the assignment in the V1 design which leads to unnecessarily large what-if queries
  • MDX query construction optimization
  • Client-Server data volume
  • These are targeted issues and hence they may not make the cut but it’s encouraging all the same.

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