The Adatis EntityHub for Master Data Management works by combining data from various IT systems to create a structured set of information about customers, goods, suppliers, and other business organisations. Having data arranged separated in this format helps project a clear single version of the truth.

What is it?

The five main pillars to the Adatis EntityHub are:

Secure and Scalable Azure PaaS Platform.

How it works?

The two key areas where the Adatis EntityHub strengthens the capability of how the data is used are:

Reference data management, which targets the copious amounts of data stored within spreadsheets. MDM eliminates the need for spreadsheets by moving data into the MDM application, where it can be accessed and modified by users.

Master data management, where the customers and products, for example, are distributed across various systems and require a mechanism to bring all that data together to generate a single golden record that can serve as the entity’s single source of truth.